Cherry Blossoms (again)

So, its that time of year, again.  When one picture of a cherry blossom looks pretty much the same as the next as the next.

Not that I dont like them… I love taking pictures of flowers.  Its mah thing.  Its what I started out doing.  No, my beef is with all the people who act like they’ve never seen a flower, before.

This year I arrived in the later afternoon, and I didnt much like the shadows that were popping up on these things.  I’m pretty sure last years were better, but ya know what I’m quickly learning?  Once you’ve photographed something, you really dont need to hit it again.  Great.  I did it.  And I did it damn well my first time, too.  I shouldnt have any expectations that I need to do better.

But I always will.  I’ll still be in the mountains when the colors turn, I’ll still be photographing the cherry blossoms and spring blooms the year after that.  If anything, its a good practice session.  And if awesome shots come out of it, that’s great.  If not, its ok.

Anyway, enough complaining about my heavy my tiara is.


I'm all... meh.

Like, where is the pop? Where is the beauty?


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