I read this this morning.

A dude flipped the fuck out, and threatened to kill in order to prevent abortions.  In his mind, he was ready to murder to prevent murder.

Uh, does that make sense?

Is the life of an receptionist worth less than that of an unborn baby?  Perhaps the nurses who provide general gynecological care?  The ultrasound tech who looks for ovarian cysts?  The pharmacist who fills prescriptions for birth control?

How hard is it to understand that women’s clinics do so much more than just perform abortions?  They prevent the need for an abortion in the first place, in addition to providing health care and routine checkups to millions of women who cannot afford regular care, for whatever reason.

“I plan on saving at least one human life in Dallas, Texas,” Lo wrote.

But you also meant to kill others.

Your intention was to murder.  And if you wanted to blow up a clinic, or spray it will bullets, you would probably have hit a pregnant woman.  Maybe one that wasnt there for an abortion, but for a prenatal visit.  Did you think of that?

Probably not.

The religious zealotry in this country makes me sad.  The idiocy in this country makes me sad.

I think I was happier living as an expat.  I had no clue what was going on in the US, and I was content with that.  The world has bigger problems than some religious idiots in this country, trying to kill women and their doctors.  Its not the attempted murder that exasperates me, those happen worldwide.  Its the stupidity that runs rampant in this country.

I wish I knew that what I was doing directly helped enlighten these folks.  Working for the government has its highlights, but sometimes I wonder if I’d do better in a different department or agency.  Granted, I have absolutely no experience outside of this.

Is it wrong that I lose respect for someone when I find out they’re religious?  That I feel a little let down about their intellect?  I’m not saying all religious people are stupid, no.  Some of history’s brightest minds were devoutly religious.  I respect that kind of blind trust.  I just dont have the capacity to do it, myself.  I ask too many questions.



One response to “Brick

  1. True; unplanned and imprecisely targeted violent responses to abortion / infanticide are stupid, antithetical to the stated purposes of the people who commit them, and just plain wrong.

    Look at Roeder. He precisely took down Tiller with no collateral damage whatsoever. He didn’t bomb a clinic or run into one with his guns blazing; he walked up to his target and shot him, using a weapon chosen to minimize the chance of pass-through.

    If violence is decided to be the only remaining response to a perceived atrocity, it should be strictly targeted violence.


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