I Love Govies

I know I know, that’s a big change from, like, every other post where I hate them.

I should maybe change the title to “I Love Being a Govie”, but then this sentence wouldnt make sense, now would it?

I rest my case.

My boss walks into my cube this morning, and is all, “Uhh… hi.  You know that travel comp time you have saved up from the trip to Kansas?  Yeah… you’re gonna have to use those 15 hours or else they’re gonna get eated up.  And with your night training starting next week… you should do that this week.”

So, I have to disappear for 15 hours, this week.  I think I can swing that.

Of course, had I known that I had all these frickin hours that I absolutely had to use, I would never had used all the damn sick leave.  Ugh.

But anyway, yeah.  I’m leaving an hour early today, half an day early on Wednesday for Teh C Monkeh‘s doctor’s appointment, and not showing up on Friday and Monday.  That takes me to Tuesday, when my classes start.  So, awesome.

Next time I go on a trip (which is in July), I’m totally using my damn travel time first, and my sick leave second.  Especially with the baby coming.  I’m gonna horde as many hours as I can.  Booyeah.


12 responses to ‘I Love Govies

  1. Thank-you for confirming your American-ness my bubbly friend. I’ve read a few of your blog entries now and was beginning to wonder if you were indeed a true yank. Yes, I have finally seen the word ‘awesome’ written down there in all it’s black and white glory – proof at last. Now, if you have any relatives called either ‘Brad’, ‘Chip’ or ‘Buck’ then I will know for sure. ;oP
    P.S. Enjoy your time away from the office!


  2. Actually, I know two Brads. One is my brother’s childhood friend and the other is my best friend’s husband. She calls him Bradley to irritate him.

    What’s a good Scottish girl’s name? Just in case this thing growing inside me is of the female persuasion.


  3. lol – I suggest something along the lines of Heather, Lara or Isobel. If you want to go quite Gaelic then how about Eilidh (pronounced Ay-Lee) – though she would spend her life explaining to people how to both say and spell her name – so it’s up to you if you want to be that cruel.


  4. Yeah, I gotta say ick on all of the above. Although that last one… Eilidh? Wow. That sure is cruel.

    I never liked the Heather at school, Lara seems apt since she’d inherit my obscene breasts but is otherwise meh, and we already have enuff Isobels in my side of the family.

    Guess Julia it will stay. Julia Jolene. I’m totally calling her Jolene.

    If its a boy, its William (Liam) Wood.


  5. William huh – very Scottish given our greatest son Mr Wallace (played by that well known Scottish Actor ‘Mel Gibson’ in Braveheart!? ). As for Jolene, nice name, although every time I say it in my head I seem to be giving it a deep south country twang to it – must be the Dolly Parton rendition of ‘Jolene’ that’s doing it. Which takes us right back to your ‘obscene’ breasts, lol.


  6. Speaking our great Scottish ties, my husband spent the better part of the weekend on proving 15 ways from Sunday how he is descended from everyone from Mr. The Bruce to some random folks in Anjou in 10something. Oh yeah. We traced it all the way back to 930 before things started to get muddled.

    But the last Scottish descendant was around 1600 and landed in Pennsylvania. How they went from being Penners to Southwestern Virginians, we dunno. I woulda stayed in Pennsylvania, myself. But my relatives didnt really have a choice. Being natives of Puerto Rico and slaves from Africa and all that jazz.

    You white people get all the awesome stuff. Even the pedigree.


  7. I see – find some dubious links in your heritage and all of a sudden your one of the ethnic minorities at heart huh. You just be jumpin’ on the bandwagon there missy. Don’t go playin’ no race card with me! If the biblr was to believed (mostyl by people in America it has to be said) then “we is all related” (notice I’m using deep south black lingo so you’ll understand now). :o)


  8. Aw, I’m not that kinda “minority”. 😛 I’m the cool islander kind. I did one of those cheek swabby things to find out more about my mitochondrial DNA, and it took me all the way back to the west coast of Africa. I was pissed off. I always thought I was more native Puerto Rican than slave Puerto Rican.


  9. Given your ‘today’ post and your sheer determination not to work hard (at least at the current time) then I find it hard to imagine you have slave blood inside you – no-one worked harder than those poor bastards. Perhaps taking a cheek swab straight after performing fellatio to some Nigerian wasn’t the best idea!?
    Hmmm – I think I may have crossed the line on that one. Bad me.
    My humblest of apologies.


  10. Oh I’m a hard worker… when I have work. This crap is busy work. Akin to your teacher leaving the substitute with a coloring book and orders that if the pages arent filled in by the time they come back, everyone gets docked 50%.


  11. You are allowed to feel lazy you know – with little William (or Jolene) taking up residence inside your belly it’s OK to feel like doing bugger all. I’m sure if your current task was something along the lines of “Photograph anything you want” you would no doubt be back to being your bust little self.


  12. oopsie “busy” little self (not my fault ‘T’ is next to ‘Y’ on the keyboard (must have those ‘obscene’ breasts on my mind – lol). Home time for me – woohoo.


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