Ok, I Have Something to Say.

I dont like talking about politics or any of that nasty crap.  It involves high blood pressure.  But if you’re going to make a political statement, dont be an asshole about it.  You catch more honey with flies and all that jazz.  I have tons of friends who dont agree with everything I agree with.  Thats what makes me a well rounded human being.  I dont surround myself by lemmings.  But if you’re going to comment on something, dont be asshole.  You’ll get much more respect for your ideas if you’re well spoken and articulate.  You sound like an asshole otherwise.  And much more of an asshole when you’re defending a “joke” about the President being killed.

So, just to recap.  I dont call someone an asshole because I think differently from them.  I call them an asshole because they’re an asshole.

Now onto the actual “joke”.  Uh.  Its not really a joke when the feds knock on your door because they’re responding to a complaint that you’re planning the assassination of a political figure.  Even if you aren’t really planning it, shit gets misconstrued online.  And the federal government has absolutely no patience for humor.  Especially when it involves murder.

Ya know… I dont remember this much ire for Bush.  I think the big liberal threat was, “I’ll move to Canada”.  Ooo.  That’ll do some serious damage.  For the most part, and I say “for the most part” because there are the random crazy fucks that exist everywhere, for the most part, main line liberals dont threaten to kill people to resolve our differences.  Of course, we also, for the most part, dont own guns.  I wonder if there’s a connection?  (Not being sarcastic here, I really do wonder if there’s a correlation… access to guns and propensity to fiery, ignorant rage.  Of course, we also have tons of pot.  So that might have something to do with it, too.)

Ok, that’s all I have say.


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