Welcome Back Kotter!

You know I’m back at work when I have a fantastical work related rant to appease my fans with.

So I ran to the bathroom because I’ve been dealing with emails and phone calls and paperwork and appointments and more training and finally got a second to deflate the baby airbag.  What do I see in the toilet bowl but what appears to be two separate people’s pee.

How do I know it was two separate people’s see?  The pee was dark yellow, and there were two balled up bits of toilet paper.  Sure, it could have been one person wiping twice, but I dont think one person can make that much pee… twice… that dark.

Seriously.  How brain damaged must you be to not hit the damn flusher! Its a button.  You press it.  Its done.  You walk away at that point and go about the rest of your life.  And for someone else to have walked in afterward and done the exact same thing?  Oh ho… you’re an epic douche.


The rest of the day has been interesting.  My boss isnt here today, and I never really went over to the alternate’s desk to tell her I was here.  I sent her an email, though… but whatever.

I got roped into taking more training next week.  Voluntold.  I dunno if its still cool that I have two doctor’s appointments on that Friday, but whatever.  I’ll take that day off.  No way I’m driving across two counties at rush hour on a Friday…. twice.  Not happening.

So that’s today, so far.  I’m here till late, tonight, so I dont have to re-do my timesheet… because I dont know how to.  Everyone should have left by 5.  It should be a quiet night.


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