Why The Hell Not?

So yeah, I’m definitely going back to training next week.  Only this time it wont be night shift.  I’ll be doing some intermediate training on the software that we use to do our jobs.  I already know quite a bit, but whatever.  It’ll kill a week.

I’m also gonna be doing some overtime on Memorial Day Monday.  A nice 12 hour shift just to pad my comp time balance for when the Sea Monkey arrives.  Any extra hours inevitably help.  And make me feel better about not bankrupting the voluntary sick leave bank at work.

I also signed up for some leadership training next year.  Dunno if I’ll get chosen or not, but basically, its training for folks in my career band who want to be leaders.  Um, yeah, I dont wanna really be a leader, but before I left for my 5 weeks of college life, one of the people I was working with asked me to consider being a team lead for the project.  Dont get me wrong, I dont have any intentions of staying here for the rest of my life… but while I’m here, I might as well learn something important.  And if I ever do get to start my own photography biz, leadership training will come in handy.  So why the hell not, right?

Thankfully, this training isnt in another state.  In fact, its at a location just up the road from where I live.  So I call that a win.  I’d be able to see my family at nights and still be given a hotel room and comped meals.  I’d be a stone’s throw from some awesome shopping and get to take 2 weeks off work.  Gotta look at all the upsides, right?

Anyway.  Yeah.  Why the hell not?

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