Lalich the Douche… A Return!

Today has been full of returns.

It brings me incredible amounts of happiness and joy to be able to report to you, my dear readers, that Peter Lalich, an epic stain of humanity who can barely hold a football, has been dismissed from OSU.  The catalyst?  Would you believe drinkingAgain!?

Oh… oh.  I can barely contain my laughter.  Oh.  My insides are tickling with glee.

Oh wait, that’s my daughter.


But I seriously do have a giant smile pasted on my face.  It’s not going to come off for at least a week.  Nope.  No siree.

Now I’m sure you’re asking… why would you take such ridiculous pleasure in someone else’s downfall?  Because this cocky piece of shit had it coming.  With each and every single sneer, grin, and condescending word about how he was underutilized at UVA, he had this coming.  He might have had some kind of talent… perhaps.  At some point.  But any chance of it actually being used is now down the pisser.  All because he couldnt keep his stupid ass sober for more than 20 minutes.

Dont get me wrong… alcoholism is a big deal.  He’s probably an alcoholic, and if so, he’s going to need some help to recover.  I also put incredible blame, not only on OSU, but UVA, where its obvious that this all began.  Groh could have suspended him and made him go to a substance abuse clinic for a few weeks so that he could see where this was all going to take him.  But Groh didnt want to.  And Littlepage dismissed him.

OSU could have helped him out, too, but I wasnt following their athletics, so I dont know if they tried to or not.

Where will he go from here?  Well, his scholarship is gone, and if UVA was any indication, he sure as hell doesnt care about academic rigor or ability.  So he’s probably going to fade into obscurity.  I sure hope not.  He’s way too much fun to blog about!

Pulled from, where else, his Facebook page.


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