Obligatory “Gay Federal Health Care” Post


Our president did an awesome thing, yesterday.  He signed into law a federal mandate stating that all federal agencies have to provide benefits to partners of gay employees.


No, seriously, that’s very cool news.

I just have the slightly little quibble with it.

What about heterosexual couples who dont believe in marriage?

Think about it.  The requirements for adding your partner to your insurance are gonna be documentation that you have been co-habitating for a certain number of years, or something along those lines.  I mean, I’ve seen the requirements for other company’s I’ve worked for.  It’s pretty simple to get it authorized.  I’m just thinking, its not that hard to get the same requirements for folks who have a loving, healthy relationship, but that just dont wanna get married for one reason or another.

Let’s face it.  Marriage is getting redefined every day.  Some people have been traumatized by their parents, by other relationships, or by many other circumstances.  Some folks just dont care about a piece of paper.  Some folks get a sweet ass deal by not re-marrying due to a very nice alimony check.  These are real like situations.  All perfectly good reasons as to why someone wouldnt want to get legally married.

I realize that gay folks cannot, by law, get married in most states.  This is a fantastic solution since according to OPM’s own website, you absolutely cannot be on your significant other’s insurance without being married.  (I’m sure their website is gonna change next month, when this goes into effect)  But the standards for checking for a long lasting relationship with homosexual couples could very easily start to be applied to checking for heterosexual couples.

I hope that this gets brought up in the discussion, but not in a retributive way.  The same folks who feel threatened by homosexual couples absolutely should feel threatened by not traditional heterosexual couples, as well.  Marriage is marriage, in their eyes, and if you’re shacking up without wearing a ring, you’re still going to go to hell.  In a handbasket.  With monogrammed towels.

From the Oct '09 National Equality March


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