It Made Me Cry…

Yeah, it did.

I’d like to believe that I would have been one of the first volunteers.

My other thought is that I cant imagine the atmosphere inside the cabin, after the family got on.

I never really gave any thought to how families obtain their soldier’s remains.  I know you could meet them at Dover, and most often do.  I thought, maybe the military pays for you to fly to meet them, and then for the flight back to their hometowns.  Maybe they do.  I never imagined that the families would encounter the same shit from the airlines as any other person.

I put it to the airlines… why even oversell a ticket like that?  There should be some kind of sticker, category or something, that designates, “Do Not Effing Give These Seats Away“.  In the computer system, when someone checks in and you hit the last 6 seats in the flight.  They should be reserved to within an inch of their existences.   Maybe designate them special military reservations, or something.

There are liaisons put in place to handle these things for the families.  I know there are.  And unfortunately, they have to be overworked.

Its just sad.

I really think I would have been one of the people to volunteer.

(pictures from Dover)


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