(Enter Sarcastic Comment About VA DMV Here)

I’m looking at you Virginia DMV.

When I got my registration form in the mail, I, like any other regular human being, figured, “Oh, my registration’s almost expired.  I need to re-register my car.  Cool.  It expires at the end of June.”

Also printed was a little reminder saying that I needed an emissions test, too.  No big deal.  Another $10.  I also needed my car inspected… as a matter of fact.  I’ll do those together!  Another $10.  No big deal.

So I get my car inspected and tested and move on with my life.

Today I take out the registration form and decide to go ahead and get that paid for since it’s gonna be expired soon.  Click through to the correct page, enter in my credit card info, la la la di da… SUBMIT!


What do you mean it doesnt expire until the end of July?  Oh, no big deal, so I’m a month early… wait.


What do you mean it didnt expire until the end of July 2011!? And now it doesnt expire until the end of July 2012?!


Is it me, or do you get the feeling that I was just shaken down by the state of Virginia for a free $41.50?  Yes, I know its my damn fault for not reading the form correctly, but jesus!  Well, at least my damn registration wont expire before the next emissions test is required.

But really, if the DMV were just informing me that my emissions test was required this year, shouldnt they have just written that on a post it and stuck it in an envelope?  Carrier pidgeon?  Singing telegram?  Sending out a damn registration form with that note printed on it is misleading.  I was under the effing  impression that everything was due, not just the godforsaken test!

I’m gonna go ahead and add the Virginia DMV to the list of people that are pissing me off, today.


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