That’s not really directed at anyone in particular.  I’m just enamored with the word today… so that’s what I titled the blog post.

This weekend was productive.

M and I finished putting the Sea Monkey’s crib together, and moved the extra chest of drawers that lived in our bedroom but didnt go with anything into her room.  And now it goes with everything.

In order to empty that chest of drawers, we had to clean up the bedroom.


So epic that we’re not really finished yet.  But, it looks 10,000 times better than it ever has since we moved in.  We kinda realized that we’re bringing a child into this world and as such, should probably not live in a den of filth and disorganization.  And we should totally throw away that box of pizza that’s been sitting there for at least 2 months.  Did I mention it still had pizza in it?  It didnt smell if that’s what you’re thinking…

No more, my friends!

We took a stand against our slovenly ways!

We organized and threw away and hung up and folded and are once again actually using those drawer type things that one uses to put shit in.  What are they called?  Oh yeah, drawers.

The only thing I’m at a loss to place are the hundreds of towels we have collected over our 8 years together.  I wanna put ’em in the bathroom, but M is fiercely territorial over his little white shelvy thing that he puts his laptop on when he’s chillin in the soaking tub.  What?  He tied to the radiator.

Anyway.  The bedroom looks awesome now, except for the two baskets full of undies, socks, bras and my maternity clothes.  Everything else has been put away.  Including M’s collection of neck appendages and work shirts.  Win!!

As long as we take things slowly, work an hour, break an hour, things are easily handled.  Next up?  *sigh*  The dining room?  Perhaps the living room?  Mayhaps even the kitchen?

Baby steps, damnit.  Baby steps.

Things are getting there… eventually.

If anything, god knows I’ll flip out the week the baby’s due and start cleaning everything in sight.  That should be fun.  Yaay nesting!


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