C Monkeh

My Gallbladder Got Style

For the full story, tune in to “28w5d” over at Teh C Monkeh.

But suffice to say… I’m blingee.


Today I came to work to find a note from HR saying that I have had a “Personnel Action Form” filed for me.  What’s my original thought?  Holy god I’m getting fired!

Not so much.

After some intense googling, because the database that the form lives on is broken and I cant access it, I found out that its just a form that some stooge fills out when there’s a change in pay, org, leave or something of that kind.  I also find out that the “action” the form refers to involves my Personal Time Off.  And popular theory seems to be that I’m getting a “Time Off Award”.

A what?

A time off award is an award that you get for doing something awesome… in the form of personal time off.  So, I might be getting 8 whole hours credited to me… for being, uh, awesome.  Or something.  I have no clue why I would have gotten this.

While I dont mind a day off, I have to question it.  I’m used to that.  I dont like things that dont have a catch.  Maybe its the Gen Y’er in me, but they’re suspicious.  Like the fucking stimulus money we got in ’08… that we had to pay the fuck back in 09 when tax time came around.  If it’s something like that, I dont want it!

But if it’s free and clear, then that could come in handy once I go on maternity leave.  Or if I have to go on bed rest.  Either way, an extra day is an extra day.  But only if it’s free.

So that’s my morning.  I’ve called 80% of HR, trying to get someone who can tell me what exactly is on this form since our IT department seems to be fantastically inept at fixing anything.  No one can help me out.  So either I see it on my next paystub or I’ll see it when they fix the documents portal.

Yaaay work!


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