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In Defense of Men

Something’s been on my mind, lately.  And while I really like to keep my pregnancy rants and raves in their own separate little place, this is worthy of being posted here, first.

I would like to start out with an announcement to many women out there.  Ahem.  Not all men are useless chunks of cells.  Please stop telling my husband that he is going to have to learn how to do this and do that, and then make a little smirk as if he’s going to be a complete flake when the Sea Monkey arrives.

That’s not the case.

I realize that, in history, men have a bad rap when it comes to child rearing and nurturing.  They refuse to do diapers, refuse to clean the house, refuse to console a crying child, or do anything except discipline.  Their job is to provide financial stability, and that’s it, damnit!  They cant be bothered with any of that womanly crap.

A good man doesn’t believe in that shit.

A good man supports the person he has chosen to love.  A good man changes schedules so that he can be there at every prenatal appointment.  A good man cleans when the smells make his wife sick, gets up early with the kids so that his wife can sleep in, helps her out of the tub because its ridiculously huge and she is a full foot from the actual floor.  He knows how to change a diaper, or at the very least is interested in learning.  He is afraid to break the baby, but trusts that his wife will smile away his fears.  He doesnt sit in the waiting room during labor, and doesnt pass judgment on what might come out of her ass when its time to push.  He tells her every day that she is beautiful, even if she looks, and feels, like crap.  He looks forward to taking his children to the park, or a movie, or the library.  He cannot wait to hold his child in his arms.

Not every man is going to pull the alpha male card and proudly complain to any and all who will listen that he is never going to change a diaper, or that the next baby better be a boy.

So please, ladies and men, please stop projecting your stereotypes on my husband.  He’s better than that.  More than you know.

My Husband


2 responses to ‘In Defense of Men

  1. I like this post. My husband is an AMAZING DAD! Even though he hates to clean and doesnt do it often. He does get up with Rayka, he feeds, bathes, dresses her and does a ton of things with her and ALWAYS has. He was not even a lil knowledgeable about kids when we had her but he askes a TON of questions to anyone and everyone trying to figure out whats best for her.


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