Slacker Week

This work week was awesome.  100% pure unadulterated work-like awesome.

Monday was… uh, yeah I dont remember Monday.

Tuesday I started my training on some new aspect of stuff I will never use in my current job role.  However, the commute was fan-frickin-tastic and I found the best bakery in the world just down the street from the training center.  Fresh warm croissants make any day a win.  Getting out at 3pm, after starting at 8am, was also a win.

Wednesday I drove myself in, since M cant really pull off a 7 hour work day every day.  I hit up the bakery, again, and scored some Baja Fresh for lunch.  Woot!  We got out at 2, so I swung by the grocery store for dinner.

Thursday was a little more… effed up.  M’s car, Grace, needs a new ticker.  Batteries arent too expensive, but at 6am on your way to work… that’s not going to end well.  So we ended up hopping into my car and took to the interstate.  Little did we know that a fucking bus was broken down in the left lane on 495 after merging from 66.  I ended up getting him to work at 8am.  I was late to my class, but, right, it doesnt matter.  Lol.  I didnt get my awesome croissant, but we did get out at 10am.  Haha!  I drove around trying to kill some time before picking M up from work.

Then it was off to order the cake for the Sea Monkey‘s baby shower tomorrow (fyi: white cake with fudge filling and buttercream frosting), and chill with my ma.  Then dad came home and we got some grub (zomg, that pizza was amazing), and hung out on the couch looking up long lost family members on  Pretty awesome night, I have to say so.

Today we’re spending the day with Cathy and Brad, teaching her how to work a dslr and really get comfortable with the camera.  Very important.  Also, its just fun.  🙂

Slacker week has been awesome!  It culminates tomorrow at the baby shower with tons of family and friends and bonding.  Back to non-slackerness on Monday.  Poo.

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