I’m Not Gonna Lose My Shit

That’s a reference to a blog post that Michael Ian Black posted about how he lost his shit re: Obama and Hitler.  Which is actually a fantastic segue into discussing the potential awesome that will be Saturday.


Saturday is the day of the Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” dealie in DC.  I’ve already contacted the folks over there and managed to secure myself a press pass to pick up tomorrow.  I also need one for C, my photographic associate (sounds like the mob, no?) so I need to get with them to find out if I can pick up her pass myself or if she needs to show with me.

That’s gonna run from 10 to 1ish.  Should be awesome and hopefully I’ll get some great shots of the participants as well as the guests.  M’s a little worried about me being, ya know, damn near 9 months pregnant.  But the way I figure it is this; I know how these things are run.  There are press tents, VIP tents,  porta-potties, and water.  At the big things, these are provided.  At the little things, like the Anti-War protests, things are a little less organized.  I really dont have to worry.  Plus, prego’s get all the sympathy!

After that’s done, Rev. Al Sharpton is going to be leading a march to the Lincoln Memorial as part of his “Reclaim the Dream” counter-protest.  They’re not gonna have press passes as its not a rally, but I’ll be there with my ID all the same.  Really, all I have to do is sit back and wait for the other folks to show up, and then watch as how the two groups interact.

Someone is gonna lose their shit.  Lots of people are gonna lose their shit.  But not me.

I’m not gonna lose my shit.

I’ve been through a good number of protests at this point, and I know how to keep my mouth shut.  It doesnt matter what I personally think about the people participating in a protest, or their points.  It cant.  I’m not there to rally one way or another.  I’m there to document.  That’s my whole job.

I hope I get home early enough to be one of the first to submit to CNN or flickr.  That’s what got me the recognition last time.  The thing ended at about 4, but I had to skedaddle to make it to my friend’s wedding on time, and got back home at around 3.  So yeah, after I decide to leave, I’d better book it.  Cuz the clock’s ticking.

Anywho.  That’s Saturday.  Sunday I’ll probably spend with Braxton Hicks contractions and utter exhaustion.  Lol.

This is the single most viewed picture on my flickr, which also happens to be from the 9/12 Tea Party March


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