Meh. I’ve Had Better.


When I left the house on Saturday at 8:15ish, I figured that would be plenty of time to hit the metro and make it to the event.  And then 66 was a clusterfuck that necessitated a detour onto 50.  Then we hit 495 to 395 and got lost in the Pentagon parking lot.  Made it to Arlington Cemetery, whoops, turned around, drove to Pentagon City Mall and parked.  By then it was maybe 9.

After nomming a fantastic cherry strudel, we began our epic journey onto a train, any train, going into the city.  That took another 30 minutes.  The cops were fearful of folks crowding the platform and falling onto the tracks.  Valid concern, I’ll give them that.  Tourons are not known for their ability to bounce off the third rail.

Once we got to Arlington Cemetery for the second time, the mass of crowds were exponentially larger.  We got off there and hoofed it across the bridge to the memorial.  We got there around 10:15, 10:30ish.

Wasnt hard to find the press section, and C and I checked in and worked our way towards our designated area just in time for Ms. Palin to take the stage.  Pretty good timing!  And I gotta say, she was looking very pretty.  I’ve always loved her hair do.  No, I’m not being facetious.

Sarah Palin

We got some awesome shots, the two of us, and after about an hour, hiked back up to the press check in and laid in the shade for 20 minutes.  Haha.

We quickly became aware that people were just sitting in chairs, or the grass, and were being lectured to.  Polite claps here and there.  A few shouts of woo.  But nothing awesome.  Nothing emotional.  These people could have just as easily, and for a lot less money, stayed home and watched this from their living rooms.  And I think that’s what they were thinking, too.  But you’d be hard pressed to get anyone to admit it.

One of the rare outbursts of emotion

At around 11:30, we started to make our way out of the throng of people and towards the Mall.  I swear to god, it took us nearly half an hour just to make it out of the reflecting pool area.  Waay too many people to be safe, if you ask me.  Cell service was spotty until we made it to the Washington Memorial, where we found some very nice counter-protesters sitting in a circle under a tree.  One kid was wearing a boy scout uniform.  He couldnt have been older than 16.  I hope he took my advice to stay safe.

Kid with a sign

Finally we met up with our respective husbands an an awesome friend and nommed at the Tortilla Coast at Capitol South.  We made it back to the car after another harrowing train ride of stinky, sweaty, lost bodies and I can honestly say that I am surprised I didnt pass out on the drive home.  Or once I got home.  Or actually, until about 11pm, that night.

Nothing made it to CNN proper, and just languished on the iReport page as “unvetted” but, whatever.  Its not that I’m not proud of the pictures I managed to take, I like them very much, actually, its just that it was so boring! Nothing could have prepared me for the level of snooze fest that I encountered.  At least, from a photographic perspective.  I cant speak for the folks who wanted to be there to listen to Glenn Beck.  I hear they were happy.  I was just bored out of my gourd.

Anyway.  Yesterday I couldnt move.  Saturday night I couldnt move.  My legs ceased to function.  My back screamed every time I tried to lay back.  My numerous trips to the bathroom were agonizing death marches of doom.  I’m feeling 85% better, today.  Obviously, since I’m at work.  I had a dream I’d taken today off, but when I really analyzed it, in my half drunk sleepy mind, there really isnt a reason to be out, today.  Save my leave for the baby, damnit.

So, yeah.  That was Saturday.  That was Sunday.  That’s today.  Enjoy the photos.


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