Day of Suck

No sensationalism, here.

I burned my left pointer finger, this morning.  It’s got a blister but no fluid… so I guess that’s a first and a half degree burn.  And typing is interesting without a pointer finger.

How did I do this?

I was making tea at work.  I have a small hot pot that I pour water in, and the heating element is a disk at the bottom.  The disk looked strange, so I wanted to see if it had some kind of mold or mildew on it, and swiped my finger across it.  I knew I’d plugged it in and poured water in it, but I’d had it on for all of approx. 20 seconds.

It’s that quick.

My tea ended up being weak , and not sweet enough.  All in all, a complete failure.

A burnt finger alone doth not a Day of Suck make, though.

After passing 95% of 66 before getting onto 495, we saw a sign that read, “Accident right lane 495 north.”  Nice.  Hit the radio to see what’s going on and lo and behold, the damn sign didnt tell the whole story.  Right and left lanes were blocked.  Effectively turning 5 lanes into 1.  During rush hour.

It would have been really really nice to know about the damn accidents before passing every single exit.

We ended up passing 495 and staying on 66, driving right into DC, getting ass raped by the worse timed light system ever, and making it to work 15 minutes later.  15 minutes aint that bad.  Good thing I have a handicapped pass, otherwise I would have had another reason to spit shit regarding the ridiculous parking atrocity outside the building.

Want more proof that today’s a Day of Suck?  Ended up with crap sleep, mostly because I’m still pregnant, but in the middle of the night I woke up to a godawful smell.  I realized that I was smelling me.  My hand.  For dinner I’d made some Puerto Rican corned beef and potatoes.  I cut up an onion and two cloves of garlic.  My hand stunk like garlic.  And I’d even done the dishes and taken a shower, last night!  How in the hell does my hand still retain the stench of garlic?


Wanna know what breakfast was like?

I asked for a grilled cheese and ham sammich from the short order cook lady.  I got a soggy ham sammich, with a half-assed slice of cheese stuck in for good measure.  Disgusting.  She’s made better.  I threw it out.

M asked if I wanted to go home.  Dear God I would love to go home.  But I cant.  I need to save my fucking leave.  The only way I’d leave this building early is if my water broke or I started having real timeable contractions.  And I’ve kinda lost hope that I’ll ever have my body back from it’s current tenant.

This is my day.

If there was a God, Krishna, Karma, Vishnu, Allah, Flying Spaghetti Monster… he/she/it’d break my water.  Please?  I dont wanna be here, today.

Wake me up when September dies.


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