Smack my Bitch Up

I dont really have anything to say.

I could bitch about co-workers, but its all been said, before.

I think I’ll just stream of consciousness this post and see where we go…

I’m planning on posting a picture with every post.  I dont highlight my photography enough, and the other day I was going through my old pictures and making sure that everything had a tag associated with it.  I found some old things I’d done that I’d forgotten about.  I think that happens with every photographer.

I mean, I try to pare down my photos at the end of any shoot and pick approx. 20ish that I like the best, but that 20ish over quite a few episodes has added up.  Especially if it was a protest.

Ahh, protests.

I’m wavering over whether or not I’ll be able to/should go to the Stewbert Rallies in DC.  Dont get me wrong, I absolutely, totally, completely want to be there.  Its just the little issue of the forthcoming child to worry about.  I’ve read some stuff about how its cool to take a baby out at 3 weeks, but I dont think a giant massive rally with a couple hundred people is the best idea, ya know?  Plus, would she even be 3 weeks?  If I have her, like, very soon, she will be.  But if I have her on my induction date, that’s 2.5 weeks.  Not so cool.


The perils of responsibility and parenthood… right?

Just my luck that one of the biggest rallies to come to DC, and my daughter decides she wants to be fashionably, ridiculously, late.

Which brings me to the fact that I’m still pregnant.  But all of those bitchings are kept in their own special little place, and if you want to read that, feel free to go for it.

Also, speaking of photography and a child, my annual fall foliage trips to the Shenandoah National park might not happen, or at the least, be slightly more interesting to handle.  We’re looking at a peak in the next two weeks.  I’m not allowed to drive, but M would drive, anyway.  We’re just gonna have a super little teeny baby in the woods.  Dunno how I feel about that.  At least the woods  is better than a couple hundred thousand strangers, right?

At the very least, I’ll be getting my baby photography on very soon.  I had a fantastic trial run with my friend’s newborn… although she was too big for the baskets (she’s a tall girl!), I did learn about what works and what doesnt.  I wont post her pictures because I know people can be touchy about children and the internets.  And for good reason.  At least, I wont post them here.  They can be easily right clicked and copied.  I might put some on the website.

So, yeah.  That’s all that’s in my head right now.  Enjoy a picture of the fall colors from Oct 31st ’08.

I went through a "color saturation" phase...


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