C Monkeh

One More Time With Feeling!


Ok, so I’m back at work.  For reals, this time.  No joking.

M is at home with the monkey, since its only today and tomorrow that I’m at work, and there was no reason to pay for a week of daycare when we’d only use 2 days.  So this works out well.  Tomorrow my dad is gonna take care of her.

I came back to work and my internet computer was working again (yaaay) but my database email was still inaccessible (meh).  The computer also cant locate my profile (poo).  But I got a dude over to help with the email issue, and boy was he a major asshole!

It went a little something like this:

Him: You have to type in the server name.
Me: Where?
Him: There.
Me: Ok…
Him: *sigh*
Me: Alright, well, that’s random.
Him: *sigh* We sent out emails about it.
Me: Emails?  Really?
Him:  *huff* We also printed them out and put it on everyone’s desks.
Me: Yeah, and I havent been here for 2 months, and all sorts of people have used this desk.
Him: Well…

And then he walked away.

I think I muttered something like “thanks” but what I really wanted to say was, “Fuck you, asshole.  I appreciate you showing me how to fix my email but you didnt have to be an epic prick about it.  If you piss me off again, I will eat your goddamn face with my morning tea.”

Or, ya know, something.

After that I went to the starbucks to get a fucking venti anything.  I needed to calm down.  So, ya know, LET’S CAFFEINE IT UP, BITCHES!!  Then my friend came over and we spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at purses and talking about all sorts of shit.


Its not like I can do any work with my computer broken…

I am so, totally, going to federal employee hell, aren’t I?

Well, at least I do shit when there’s stuff to do!  That’s more than I can say for P L E N T Y of other people, thank you very much.

Anyway.  I get to go home in an hour since I got here at the ass crack of dawn and cant do 9’s until next pay period.  So leaving at 2 it is!  😀 I get to run home back to my happy little girl and hug and kiss her and smell her, and snuggle her, and oh.  Oh.  I miss her, right now.  Starting to get the shakes.  I needs me some Monkey luv.

That doesnt sound right.

It sounded ok in my head… but I’m not deleting it.

I leave you with a picture, because I’m a photographer.  Despite the fact that I havent actually taken many photos of things besides the monkey in quite some time.


Tranquility... wait, have I posted this before? I cant remember.


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