Obligatory “New Year’s Resolution” Post

My new year’s resolution is to take better care of my skin.

When M heard this, he called me vain.

I dont care.

I need to.

My skin is dry, for the first time in my entire life.  Throughout middle school and part of high, I had acne and skin issues.  When I got to college, most of it went away.  By the time I’d graduated, all my issues had disappeared.

And then I got pregnant.

And then I didnt stay pregnant.

And all the saddness and anger I had inside of me decided to seep out onto my face.  My skin hadn’t looked this bad since I was 11.  Nothing I used helped.  I had scars all over my cheeks and nose, and there was no end in sight.  Insult after agonizing injury and mental anguish.

And then I got pregnant, again.

And my skin problems dis-a-fucking-peared.  My skin is still 98% acne free, but now I face a new demon; dryness.

Last Thursday I went and got myself a facial.  I generally hate facials with the passion of a thousand suns, what with all the extractions that I had to be done back when I was younger, but I figured that a) I was overdue and that b) it wouldnt hurt as bad since I didnt have tons of acne.  And it wasnt, that bad.  But the technician told me what I already knew… my skin was seriously dry.  And I wasnt being nice to it.

It doesnt help that it’s winter, and that the wind is whipping at 30+mph sustained, these days.  But I need to get a better moisturizer.  Currently, I use Clinique Moisturizing Gel… which is for oily skin.  Because, right, I used to have oily skin.  I pump that shit 4 or 5 times into my hand, and smear it thick all over my skin, and within a few seconds, it’s all been absorbed and I’m dry again.  And itchy.  And flaky.  Ew.

So, this is my resolution.  Take better care of my skin.  Not only is this a resolution that is fairly easy to stick to, but it involves relaxing facial time and pampering.  Which is something I can happily get behind.  😀

Now if only I had a few minutes to actually go to the store and peruse their face sections…

Bone dry.


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