2011 ESRI FedUC

Because I’m an epic dork, and actually care about my job and learning new tools, I’m here at the ESRI Federal User’s Conference.  I’ve been ridiculously busy at work (I had an idea that I made the epic mistake </sarcasm> of telling anyone about, and now it’s a thing) with this and training and meetings and contests and trips to Kansas and blah blah blah.

So this is where I am this week.  Last week I was on a percocet binge recovering from my surgery, so I wasnt too coherent and ended up nursing a ridiculous cold that the monkey gave me and I gave back to her.  She’s not feeling too hot, lately.  I feel bad for her.

Anyway, that’s why the radio silence.  Sorry.  Next week doesnt look too good either, since I’ll be in mandatory training all week.  And I think the week after that I have another conference.  And then I go to Kansas.  Jesus.  Just talking about the next coming weeks makes me exhausted.  At least when I come back I have a mini vacation to Philly to look forward to.   Yeah, that will be nice.


At least I dont have to wear a tie...


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