(Insert Witty Blog Post Title Here)


Alot has happened since the last time I posted anything of significance.  Some cunt from Germantown, Maryland thinks that it’s ok to try to make a right exit from the inside lane of a traffic circle, smash into someone, and then claim that she didnt do anything.  And GEICO seems to think the same.  Epic douches.

Isnt he pretty?

Last weekend we bought a new car!  Malik is a silver Hyundai Elantra Touring SE with leather seats and heated butts and la la la.  So awesome.  See?  That’s him right there.  We had him for all of approx. 48 fucking hours before we destroyed his tire.  No, no that’s not right.  We had him for 36 hours before destroying the tire, 48 hours until we knew it was destroyed.

See, I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I HATE MARYLAND with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.  We hit a pothole that was easily the size of the Barringer Crater.  We’d hit the same pothole the previous Friday, but in Dita, not Malik.  It hurt, we cringed, and went on to work.  When we left later in the day, M noticed that the front driver’s side tire was slightly bulging, and we said, “That’s not good.”  We hit up the DMV to get the title to M’s old car that we traded, and then headed over to the Hyundai dealership to give them what they needed.  We also drove into the service bay so that the folks could take a look at the tire.

Lo and behold, the tire had busted.  The rim is cracked, too.  We need them both replaced.  Thankfully we were able to drive the car home and wait for the part to come in, but that means we cant drive him around until he’s fully fixed.  So sad.

He’s so awesome, too.

Did I mention the moonroof?

Anywho.  That’s life, I suppose.


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