Thoughts from Philly

– The monkey likes to scream like a banshee while in a hotel
– The entire city is one giant ADA accessible fail… you notice things like this when you have a stroller
– They do not give away free cream cheese
– Embassy Suites do not allow stripper parties
– I give my husband street cred at sociology conferences
– The monkey is a chick magnet
– Google map’s representation of distances is misleading
– Vacations with infants are not relaxing.  Not even close.

Anywho… now we’re back.  We snagged two cinnabuns in Delaware on our way home, and that made the trip approx. 12 mil times better.  M also got me a new camera.  😛  I love it.

Anything new?  Well, not really.  I’m still all over the place.  And will continue to be all over the place for the time being.

Oh, yeah, this is new… I have frickin hives.  They show up one at a time, get big, itchy, dissipate, and then come back.  I cant be popping benadryl all frickin day, so my only recourse is to scratch it and hope it goes away quickly.  I should go see the doc.  I really should.  Would benadryl cream help, you think?

Ahh, I have another!


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