It’s That Time Again!

That blessed time of the year when all of the good photographs are taken.  This weekend, with monkey in tow, I hit up the annual Anti War Protest at the White House.  I didnt stick around for the arrests (I always get bored early), but I got some good shots nonetheless.

I love it when folks wear sunglasses

In two weeks we’re gonna have the annual International Pillow Fight Day on the mall, and that’s always a fun time.  Hopefully lots of friends join us.  Last year I brought my cousin and I could tell she had a blast.

Its been such a long time since I’ve done a protest.  The last one was the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor shindig, and I was 8 months pregnant and waddling and not exactly up to my best work.  But I gotta say, I think I did a good job, on Saturday.  And now I know that the monkey doesnt have any issues with large crowds or loud noises, I’ll be attending more.  Of course, M could stay at home with her, but I think he likes coming to these and watching the people as much as I like photographing them.

I’m sorry I havent been updating lately.  I really am.  Life is epically busy, these days.  Going to different work locations and trips and conferences and training.  Apparently, I’m slightly important.  Who knew!?  Sometimes I long for the days where I used to sit here and do absolutely nothing all day long, and no one bothered me.  But then I remember that those days would creep by and take forever.  Now there arent enough hours in the workday.

In a few weeks I’m going on another trip for work.  Look forward to that post, lemme tell ya.  It should be interesting.


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