How Do You Fold a Fitted Sheet??

I clean. Stop laughing, I do. I do the dishes and sometimes the laundry and I’ve been known to take the trash out and stuff. But cleaning is a bitch. I hate doing it. And its mostly because for the entirety of my life before college, my parents paid someone to do it for me. If I left a shirt on the floor, guess what? It would be picked up the next day. If I left a towel hanging from the shower rod? Went on a clothes trying frenzy? Tried on every single shoe that I owned? It was taken care of.

Clothes were washed daily. I always had fresh bed linens. What the hell is dust? Glasses from midnight SunnyD binges were cleaned and never gathered 3 deep on my bedstand.

And then I hit college.

I could do laundry. That wasnt a problem. I had enough underwear to last me 2-3 weeks without having to trek down to the basement of my dorm. I didnt have a kitchen, but the few dishes I did own would sit around in the communal uber tub sink for days. My roomate and I both had long hair, so our craptastic rug quickly became a shag carpet. One day, she and I both looked at eachother and realized that we should do something. And that’s how it worked. Once every few weeks, when we could no longer find the floor and the stack of pizza boxes was becoming a hinderance to our ability to egress, we would borrow someone’s vacuum and start putting crap away.

It was a vicious cycle.

But it worked.

Now fast forward to NOW! I’m basically living in the same conditions, except with two cats, a baby, and a husband. I have a cleaning lady that does the dusting, washing, cleaning and laundry… but not very well. I have clothes everywhere. No joke. In the living room, in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, on the floor, on the bed, under the bed, in the bed, on top of TVs, inside closets, and mostly on the floor in every single room in my house. Every few months, my husband and I will bitch and moan and one of us will begrudgingly throw everything back into their respectable containers. And very slowly, those containers will regurgitate their contents back out onto the floor.

Yesterday, M put shit back… ish. I have to contribute. The time before? I think back in December. My issue isnt cleanliness. Its organizing.

I have all sorts of shit from various times in my life scattered in boxes all over the basement and some of the 1st floor. And its annoying. Not only do I have myself and M pissed off about it, I, almost monthly, get shit from my dad about the condition of my house. It never fails, if M or I try to organize, we ultimately get tired and exhausted trying to tackle all the crap that we stop. Or, if one of us does manage to make some headway, the other inevitably brings in more crap to clutter it all back up again.


But that’s not why I started this post. I started this post to let you guys know that at some point this week, M and I will be the proud owners of a brand new king sized bed and mattress. The mattress gets delivered tomorrow, while the bed comes at a later date to be determined. I was washing the new bed clothes last night when I asked this question. I think I saw it somewhere, or heard some comic mention it… but its very pointed. How do you fold a fitted sheet? But its kinda moot coming from a girl who loathes folding anything, at any point in time.


I’m exhausted just thinking about the mess in my house. 😦


One response to “How Do You Fold a Fitted Sheet??

  1. I’m the queen of organizing 🙂 i love finding places for things and making cute containers to put them in. lol.

    As for your fitted sheet problem, I know how to fold one, I just suck at it. I remember as I kid, my mom used to get so frustrated with me because I couldn’t do it and always asked her to do it. She must have thought I was just lazy or something. But I swear, my mom could fold a fitted sheet so well that you would think it was a flat sheet by the time she was done with it.


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