Fo Shiz. Up the Spat. Again…

The monkey is currently coming up on 8 months.

It took 2 and a half years to make her.

At no point, in those 2 and a half ungodly years, did I ever think I’d ever be in the position of holding a pee stick on the toilet and watching, dumbfounded, as that thing popped up with another pink line… that I hadnt expressly tried to obtain. I had unintentionally become one of those women who I used to loathe, entirely.

To say that the jellybean caught me off guard is a fucking understatement. But, ya know, after my initial shock of “Holy Fuck Are You Fucking Kidding Me What The Fuck Is This??” I calmed down and smiled and got happy. Because, really, I was about to mention to M that it was going to be time to start trying again, since I wanted our children close in age. I wanted them to be friends. I want them to know one another. So, really, this is a good thing.

The monkey will be 15 months, ish, by the time the jellybean makes their grand appearance.

I am excited to welcome a new baby into our lives. And I apologize to all those who have trouble with conception. Remember, I used to be one of you. And I mourn your feelings of emptiness with the sympathy of someone who has been there before.

For future updates on The Jellybean, please bookmark “Teh Jellehbeen“.


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