Woohoo! I’m Good!

Yeah, no TB.  I got my chest x-rayed and all is good in the world.  I was banned from work for 2 days until I could prove it, but unlike the first time that happened, I totally understand it.  There was a very real chance that I was infectious and every second that folks breathed the same air as me gave them more of a chance to get infected.  I spent my two day exile with the monkey, getting xrayed, running errands, sleeping on the couch and getting groceries.  Yesterday I even cooked!

So, no TB, but I’m still coughing my effing head off.  No reason why.  At least if I had tb, I’d know why I’m hacking a death cough of doom.

Anyway, I have another post to write today about the Meyers Briggs test.  And if I say that I’m gonna write it, I’m gonna write it.  Because its here.  And I cant lie.

So yeah, wait for that, later today!

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