And Then I Kinda Got Promoted…

What the hell?

What kind of schizophrenic people do I work for?

No sooner than 3 hours after I get my yearly eval (3.2 out of 5 is “successful” and I dont care more than that) but I get a phone call from a program manager in another state asking me to be one of our location’s technical leads.  Uh, ok.  He says he’s gonna run it by the other two guys who are the leads and my boss, and then send out a formal announcement.



There it is.

I am now one step closer to being a subject matter expert.  My job is to review everyone else’s reviews and do general drudge work.  Not that I mind.  There’s a metric crapton of shit to clear out since the two dudes are overworked and it will keep me busy and hopefully I’ll be able to make the process easier.  At some point, someone’ll ask me to go overseas and brief or attend a conference and stuff.  And that’s fine.  I cant go anywhere now since I’ve reached the point of no return with the jellybean.

But yeah.

My mind is kinda spinning.

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