So a few awesome things happened, today.

First and foremost, I had to make a new blog.  And name.  And icon.  And entirely new history.  So this is me doing just that.

Then I went to my midwives (because I’m pregnant, duh), and while I was able to get written out of work till I pop (WOOO!), we found out that the jellybean is breech.  And it’s kinda getting down to the wire.  So if she still hasn’t flipped by next week, we move to hardcore discussions of plan B.

I’m sorry this is just a short immediate post, but I just took 2 tylenol #3’s, and they’re liable to kick in aaaaaany second now.  And while I’m super wity while sober, I’m downright unintelligible when I’m stoned.  Seeing as how I have 5+ weeks of bedrest coming up with nothing to do, I’m certain I’m going to be posting more.

So look forward to it.  It’ll be fun.


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