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Welcome To It.

So I am now officially on bedrest and out of work.  I went in for a few hours to tie up loose ends and fill out paperwork.  The folks who have heard  me commenting about my hip, and seen me hobbling around on my cane, were happy for me that I was finally getting some rest.  Tomorrow I have another appointment with the tiny Korean doctor who has promised to help me with my numerous issues.  She’s gonna be putting my hip back to rights and trying acupuncture to make the jellybean flip.

Random sidebar… how do Mexican Jumping Beans work?

Right now the monkey is not sleeping, but has wrapped herself around me here on the bed.  She’s not feeling too well.  Poor kid.

The rest of the night is going to be spent downloading Oblivion (I need a game to play while on bedrest), and staying up to see M come home.  In the past, I couldnt stay up because I had to be awake at 5:15am.  But now, since I dont have to go to work, I can stay awake and give him a big hug when he comes home.

I think time with M is really the best part of this whole deal.  Granted, the whole “not hobbling all over land and creation” perk is what initially sold me, but this is gonna be great.  I miss spending time with him.

Here’s to marrying your best friend.


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