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My Two Stubborn Daughters.

Right now the monkey wont sleep.  She keeps playing with my left hand, forcing me to type with only my right.  It’s not cool.  But at least she’s not screaming.  She’s pretty subdued, actually.

Also right now, the jellybean wont flip.  After getting stabbed and lit on fire, the Korean medicine man said that perhaps she’s too stubborn, or too comfy, or too big.  And that I might be in the 15% of people for whom S&M doesn’t work to right a breech baby.  Yay.  I really dont want a c-section.

Ok, and now the monkey has decided that kicking me in the left arm/rib/boob is the best way to get my attention.  I’m giving her a look.

Anywhoo, yeah, my acupuncturist totally burned me, today.  Like, my toes are sore and ouchie, and red, and blistered.  This time, he forgo the smudgestick, and went right ahead and lit the mugwort on fire while it was directly on my toes.  He is as determined as I am.  Nice to know we’re on the same page.  Lol.  I might be going back tomorrow, but if he cant find the time, then Monday at 2:30 it is.

Ok, and now the monkey is pinching my lovehandles.  What a twat.

No?  You’re not a twat?

My sore chichos beg to differ.

Go to sleep, damnit.


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