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You People Make My Ass Twitch.

The upside to a new blog and new post history is that I can recycle post titles!!

Now, repeat after me:  Inanimate objects to not feel pain.  I cannot “teach the laptop a lesson”.

A frickin 40 minutes after I initially opened this thing, I’m finally using it.  Yeah, I know that “Very Important Windows Updates Need to Install”.  And yeah, I know that the checkdisk totally needed to run.  But whyyyyy does it always  have to be during such an inopportune time?

I didnt post last night because I was in 10,000 kinds of pain and generally felt like a sad sack of shit.  I didnt wanna write an emo post, so I just didnt post.  Trust me, we’re all better off because of that restraint.

Today was meh.  The Monkey decided to get up at 5am and start screaming.  How kind of her.  And every time she yelled, she’d wake The Jellybean.  Which hurts.  Eventually M took her to daycare, and I got some actual sleep.  Until around 11:30am.  Ha.  I was still in pain, though, and couldnt really move.  After M went to work, I took a bath and soaked in super hot water until my Kindle reminded me that while it is awesome, it cannot run with no battery juice.  After I crawled out of the tub I laid on my bed, buck naked, playing WoW.  I couldnt even be assed to put on clothes.  Then I went to my parents house (with clothes), finally ate something for the first time in two days, played solitaire, brought the Monkey home, and all of this brings us to now.


Ok.  I need to go have a chat with my unborn kid.  Till tomorrow.


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