Life - General

The Poop Bucket.

Last night was entirely spent in the labor and delivery section of my hospital.

Remember how I wrote that on Monday the Monkey got really sick?  Well, it took 5 days, but I finally got sick, too.  What puzzled me most was that I wasn’t  yacking like she did.  I had the epic poops, sure, and I wasnt hungry last week.  But the poops got to be too much and then I got contractions and la la la, the midwife told me to come on in.  I was severely dehydrated.  It sucked.  But the contractions stopped and I got discharged after 2 bags of saline in my vein.

We got home at approx. 5am and slept till about noonish.  Thankfully my parents kept the Monkey last night, since we didnt know how I was gonna end up.  We got her back at 2, recovered my car from their place, since M picked me up from their house last night, and that was my day.  I came home, M went to do grocery shopping, and yeah.  It’s been uneventful.

Tomorrow is gonna be spent cooking up lamb stew.  Well, I’m gonna supervise.  Since it’s for M’s office potluck, I dont wanna run the risk of folks getting sick.  So M will do the chopping and throwing ingredients into the pot and I’ll stand by and ensure quality control.  Just like my actual job.

Oh, that reminds me, the leave bank gave me more time off than I’d requested, which was nice of them.  So I’m good for 5 weeks of bedrest/being away from work.  I’m pretty sure we’re gonna talk c-section dates on Wednesday with the midwives, but at least I have that cushion.  Plus, I can always roll it over to the actual maternity leave.  So win.

And I just sneezed and peed myself.  Yaaay pregnancy.


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