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The Great Dumpling and Apathy.


Kim Jong Il died.

And his son, The Great Dumpling, is going to be taking over.  (Note:  I totally stole the title, “The Great Dumpling” from a Korean friend)

As M put it last night:

Just to put it in perspective, a 28 year old now controls a small supply of nuclear weapons and one of the world’s largest armies. In other words, would you trust you?

On one hand, I sorta care.  I really do.  I get paid to care.  Ish.  Actually… I get paid to proofread, but that’s besides the point.  World events are definitely one of those things that I’m expected to give a flying fuck about.

I just don’t.

I have a 1 year old and a kid inside me.  I have a house, two cars, two cats, and a bum hip.  I’ve lived in 6 different countries, including this one.  I have friends who are Korean, Egyptian, Norwegian, German, and English.  I can read and speak Spanish, read French, kinda speak Portuguese, curse in Arabic, say the days of the week in Flemish, and recognize Korean, Chinese, and Japanese scripts.  I justbarely graduated from UVA.  I have moved residence/country/state/zipcode every 1 to 3 years… for my entire life.  I own my own business, and I have a slightly demanding day job in which I babysit zombie-like geriatrics who are simultaneously encouraged to “take risks” and stay quiet while narcing on eachother’s time-card violations.

I have no room in my brain to care.

M and I watched The Trotsky a while ago, and there is a line in the movie in which the main character is asked, “Apathy or Boredom”.  I can say, unequivocally, that I am entirely apathetic.

Is that bad?  Does that make me a bad person?

M would say yes.

But we’re not asking him… in fact, he’s exempt from all rhetorical questions that this blog might ask.

I dont think it’s bad.

There are tons of other, immediate, real things to care about, in this world.  The major events that occur in it, while slightly important, rarely effect me directly enough to give a shit about.

The impending shitstorm that is North Korea is not my problem unless someone comes to me and needs a map of it.  (Oh yeah, did I mention that I’m a map maker?  I’m a map maker.)  The worldwide/European/US economy, while shitty for others, is not my problem until I retire.  In fact, if you ask me, buying low is only gonna help me in the future.  The Occupy Anything protestors might have a good point, if they could agree on one, but I’m too busy to listen to it.  Their vendetta against everything that even remotely smells like oppression intrigues me just enough to want to go down to DC and take pictures, but nothing more.

Even writing this blog post has made my mind exhausted.

Although, that could be the two pills I just took for my hip.

I’m out of pills now, so tomorrow, instead of watching the news obsessively for any sign of turmoil in the world, I’ll be at my doctor’s office, begging like an addict for a refill of relief.

Just one more thing on my plate of first world problems.

From The Rally to Restore Sanity


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