Like A Fish.

Tomorrow we find out if this kid has turned or not.  I thought she had, but now I’m feeling stomping on my cervix and mid belly again, so I’m no longer sure.  If she hasn’t moved, we pick a date for a c-section so I can get gutted like a fish.  If she has moved, then I get to languish in massive-dom and waddle my way into the new year.  Such is life.

I took my last two pills for my hip last night.  Today has been a peach.  I tried to get a doctor’s appointment with my usual doc but “he’s got nothing”.  And then I asked to see the doc who prescribed the meds in the first place and “she’s not here on Wednesdays”.  Well, isnt that nice?  It’s Tuesday.  I’m gonna go ahead and see if I can beg a midwife for some tylenol#3, tomorrow.




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