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That is quite possibly the most non-committal post title I have ever used.

I have a bad mouth… apparently.  At least, that’s what people tell me.  I tend to not notice if I drop a couple f bombs here or there.  But my favorite “bad word” as of late is cunt.  That and twat.

I dont care about bad words.

I dont care about letting them fly around my daughter.  The words I do say, over and over again, that I actually want her to repeat, she doesnt.  So I’m not so worried about her saying “fuck” one day.  Especially since you cant really understand anything she says right now.

Why do people care?

My ma says that it makes me sound dumb, low class, uncouth.  I say, “fuck ’em.”  Same goes with my tattoo, if people wanna judge me on something, and they pick my vocabulary or the art I wear on my skin, then there’s not really alot I would want to do with them to begin with.

No, I dont cuss up a blue streak at work.  But when I’m with friends, family… I’ll let it fly.

Apparently, I offend some family members.  Or, I freak them out around their daughter.  Today I said that the Monkey was acting like a cunt.  Everyone got quiet.  Ugh.

I DONT CARE IF I CUSS!  At this late in the game, with me being 27 and all, I doubt I’m gonna change, too.

Take me as I am.


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