Life - General

Squeaky Bean.

It started slowly, but eventually everything progressed, and next thing we knew, we had the jellybean in our arms.

I pushed twice.

The nursery folks weren’t even in the room when her head was through.  That was how quick/efficient it all was.

Apparently, she had a cord wrapped around her neck, and body.  I imagined she’d have something going on since she was all over the place and flipped.

She squeaked when she was placed on my chest, once.  She’d squeak here and there, but was mostly just very interested in what was going on, what we looked like, what this whole world thing was about.

She weighed 6lbs 14oz, and was 18 inches long.

She immediately took to the boob like a pro.

She didnt cry until she had a piece of tape taken off her chest, and even her cry is just a squeak.

She’s incredible.


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