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Sir Dr. Felix K. Blinky, Esq. DDS, MBA, MD

About 2 days into having the Monkey home, M and I, in our sleep deprived brains, conceived of a one Sir Dr Felix K. Blinky.  The good Sir Doctor, as we are want to call him, is a tiny little cat night light thingy that they sell at Ikea.  He illuminates our room so that we have a fighting chance against darkness and a dirty diaper.  As the night wore on, we added many other letters to his name so that now he is a lawyer, dentist, mba, and medical doctor.  I’m pretty sure that he’s now going for the MLA.

Anyway, he made his inaugural appearance in the Jellybean’s life, last night.  She was very interested in the colors… even though she cant really see color, or distance, yet.

Last night was good.  Having had a previous kid pave the way is awesome.  We werent nervous, scared, inexperienced… we knew exactly what we had to do, which was nothing, until the Bean said so.

Anticipation is so last year.

We’re enjoying our downtime and should be leaving the house soon for her first doctor’s appointment.



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