MSPI – A Beginner’s Guide

The Bean has been diagnosed with MSPI – Milk Soy Protein Intolerance.

Now, you can click on that handy dandy link up there, or you can hear my rendition of what this is.  Either way…

MSPI is a fundamental allergy to the proteins in milk and soy.  This blows when you start to realize that infants kinda need either  milk (formula or breast) or soy formula.  The body attacks the proteins that are not broken down by the stomach and gastrointestinal area, and hilarity ensues… usually in the form of excessive vomiting, diarrhea, and/or blood in the poop.  Not cool stuff.

We found this out after seeing a pediatric gastroenterologist (who knew that was a thing?) who said that the reason she was still bloodily pooping with the Alimentum was because her allergy was pretty severe.  And that Alimentum has microscopic proteins.  And we were gonna need a bigger boat prescription strength formula.

EleCare is eleventy billion times more expensive than Alimentum.  Thankfully, our insurance covers “amino-acid formulas” as a medical food under Durable Medical Equipment.  We pay 30%.  It’s awesome.  If your child is ever prescribed EleCare, or Neocate or any of the other amino-acid formulas, check your insurance coverage for DME.  Pharmacy benefits wont cover it because you can always call up the makers of Similac and get them to ship you the stuff.  But at $50 a can, that gets pricy.  Just as an example, the Bean, at all of 4 weeks old, went through 2 cans in a week.  That’s $400 a month.  And that only goes up since babies, ya know, grow.

So she’s on that, now.  It’s a powder and doesnt come in a “ready to feed” variety.  We’ve had to learn how to work powders and since this stuff is so much more liquidy and essentially pre-digested, we’ve taken to adding some rice cereal to the bottles in order to give her stomach something to process and keep it busy.  Otherwise, it’s feeding every 2 hours, if we’re lucky.  And that blows.

So, yeah.  Food allergies.  Fun shit.

Apparently, she’ll grow out of this at around a year old.  But when we start introducing solids, we’re going to have to be extremely careful with what we start her on and reading labels.  Because she has this allergy, she has a higher risk for many many others.  Ones that are bad.  Bad allergies are bad.

Did I mention I’m back at work?  Yeah, that’s a post for another day.


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