C Monkeh

Woah! What the Frack!?

I’m back!!!

It’s been more than a year since I last graced these pages, and let me tell you… it’s been a ride!

Had a baby. She was sick for a while. She’s all better now.
Stuck it out at work. Started to get slightly better, but never fantastic.
Got selected to do a rotation at another place – and I’m much happier.
Don’t have to go back to my old job, when I eventually rotate back to my original agency.
Sold two cars, bought one. M and I now commute into the city together.
Had a super awesome caregiver for the girls, but she moved away. Put them in the old daycare across the street, but the Monkey kept getting bitten, so we moved them to another daycare up the street, and they are incredibly happier.
Pretty much 95% of my family got pissed off at me for something they didnt understand on FB which led to a family lockdown/banning from my FB account, and radio silence on my part since no one had enough faith in me to believe the truth from the outset. The girls still see their grandparents every Saturday.

Aaaaaand yeah. Those are the important bits. Woo!

Look forward to more posts as time goes on. I’m no longer going to be bullied to keep this blog under wraps. I need an outlet, and this one is my chosen one. šŸ˜€



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