AB – Bookseller Extraordinaire!

When sequestration was threatening our way of life (you knew I was a government drone, right?  right?) I thought up the genius idea of taking all of our books that we’ve gathered over the many years of life together and sell them on Amazon.  Now, since M is a Ph.D. student, we have a metric crapton of nicely expensive books.  Thankfully they sell, used, for a nice pretty penny.  And most of them have to be sold used because my goddamn fantastically genius husband would “read” these books and use a goddamn black pen fantastically genius highlighter on the first 30 pages every page of a 5000 page book.

Anyway.  Yeah.

So far we’ve actually made approx. $400 and sold 64 books.  Not only are we making a very modest amount of cash, but we’re also de-cluttering.  Yay for double wins!

So if you see me bitching about the post office in the next few posts, or something, yeah, that’s why I’m always there.  It’s because I have to be.  Yeah.

Honestly, I feel a rant coming on, so I should just end it here before I totally hijack this.



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