Word of the day, kids!  Smegma!

Yesterday I attended my first adult type dinner party… with our kids!!!  I mean, yes, I’ve had dinner at my friend’s houses where we also bring our kids along, but this was a real thing.  With napkins!  Reusable ones!  And music!

M’s professor (ha!  dude’s the same age as us) invited us over to his place for dinner with his wife and daughter.  It was awesome.  There was wine.  I engaged in a contest, of sorts, with our esteemed host.  I think I won, but things got pretty blurry.

Today M and I did yard work, and planted some things, and raked, and lalala.  We’re not done.  Gotta do some more, tomorrow, but we have child labor for those exertions.

Hmm, what else…


Yeah, I’m not gonna get into it for this post, cuz really, if I ever refer back to it, I don’t want to have to refer to “The Smegma Post”.  So I’ll hold it for another post.

I’m sleepy.  G’night folks.


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