Eat Me

That’s what my younger daughter just told me to do.  Now Bean is saying pee over and over again.  She’s a 3 year old.  She’s not a baby.

Monkey is sitting at the end of the bed; quite possibly talking to her feet.  I dunno.  She’s 4, now.

They’re both hanging out in my bed, sorta watching Supernatural.  We’re a Supernatural family.  Complete with a Sam girl, a Dean girl, and a Cas girl.  From here on out, expect lots of Supernatural gifs.  Consider this your only warning.

So.  Where have we been?  How long has it been since I’ve been a regular updater of life?  Too long if you ask me.

I’ve gone ahead and updated the site a bit.  A little paisley, a little vintage iconography.  A change of title, too.  The Bitter Bitch is what I named my tumblr, so I decided that’s what I should re-christen my blog.  During my divorce I believed that it would turn me incredibly bitter, and strengthen my already apathetic view of the world.  But it hasn’t.  Well.  I mean I’m not actually bitter.  I’ll always be apathetic.  I’m not someone who this has been done to.  I’m someone who chose this life I currently live.  Most of it, anyway.


This was mostly a little teaser post.  More to come later.  🙂



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