About Meee

I am a silly little government employee on the periphery of the big city of Washington DC who obsesses over watches Supernatural and is pretty opinionated.  I’ve been known to write damn good smut should the muse descend.  I live with my kitty, and two daughters, The Monkey and The Bean, in northern Virginia.

Cynical meets bubbly.  🙂  Dichotomy is an amazing thing.

Things that make my toes curl:

  • perfect kerning
  • bold greyscale type colors (does that even make sense?)
  • simple icons w/ thin lines
  • wild flower/rose scented everything
  • the smell of the air after rain
  • conquering and solving a new and probably complex issue
  • spending the entire day in bed, eating junk food and watching bad movies with a best friend or lover
  • red barns


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