The Cast

The follow is a cast of characters… which might come in handy if you start reading this later in the game.

M – My ex husband.  I try not to talk about him anymore, but he’s prolific in my history.  This blog goes back 12 years.  He goes back 13.

The Monkey – Our first daughter.  Precocious, hilarious, gorgeous, and way too smart.

The Jellybean – Our second daughter.  Likes to sleep and eat.

Ma – My ma.

Dad – aka Papa (if you ask the Monkey).  My dad.

My brother – My brother.  We don’t have the closest relationship in the world, but we try.  16 years older than me.

Whore of a Sister in Law – Kinda self explanatory.  My brother’s wife.  I’d appreciate it if she didnt make many appearances in this blog.

Meat– Good friend from college.  Knew M in high school.  We used to have Sex and the City Nights back in the day… good times.  Involved lots of booze.

Choo– Good friend from college.  Bonded over a 12 inch black dildo.


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